Monday’s episode of Blindspot was like having too many details in one plot itself. One should admit it was complex. The major part of the episode dealt with Jane’s identity and struggle of Weller to remain impartial.

A large part of the episode covered Jane and Oscar’s interaction. Though there is much more information not revealed to the viewers in this episode of Blindspot, but overall details of the episode give some satisfying moments.

The episode “Older Cutthroat Canyon” starts with a stolen canvas add from Chelsea. “Zombo” is then introduced which is the burning tattoo in Jane’s body, Vulture reports. It is actually a deserter who wants Jane’s death. Jane knows about the group and where they work but she has to meet Oscar. Jane needs her radio as she needs to put the tracking device in the FBI’s vehicle. Welter gets seriously injured in a bomb explosion. He is taken to the hospital while the team works to find out who did this, Patterson has already located the place from Zombo’s portrait collection.

They reach the apartment and Jane finds somebody tied. When they enter inside there is a lot of shooting. Fortunately, Jane is wearing a bullet proof jacket and does not get hurt. Jane hurriedly moves towards the shooter who is dressed as FBI and there are several other FBI in the scene.EW reports, Jane recognizes the shooter. The man starts to shoot again.

Reade, after being attacked on the head while sitting in a driver’s seat, regains conscious. His attacker is sitting in the backseat and has a voice-changing device that makes him sound like a batman. The attacker had already instructed Reade to stop searching for Carter’s absence and if he continues to do so the people he loves will be attacked. Mayfair knows about this incidence and blames Reade not to believe in it as there is nothing, no trace of evidence to report it to the police.