A video footage showed a teenager forced to wear a spit mask and put in restraints at Brisbane Correctional Centre, making it necessary for the victim to be shifted out from adult prison as soon as possible.

The image of 17-year-old Jarrod Clayton was published in The Courier Mail, showing the victim handcuffed and put to restraint by seven officers. According to reports, it was found that the Aboriginal boy was kept on remand in the Brisbane Correctional Centre at Wacol for a number of charges. He was charged with breaking and entering, car thefts and armed robbery.

The boy reportedly ignored the warnings given by officers and pressed the emergency intercom in 2013. The image of an incident that occurred almost three years ago has come into focus as a result of an investigation that was launched by the Prisoners’ Legal Service relating to the treatment of the teenager. The investigation also revealed that the boy was left alone with a spit mask over his head for around an hour.

Prisoner’s Legal Service Director Peter Lyons claimed that the treatment of the teen was ‘extreme and degrading’. “This is a classic example of what happens when you place a 17-year-old in the environment of an adult prison,” 9News quoted him as saying. “The use of multiple restraints and abandonment of the juvenile while restrained and hooded amounted, in our opinion, to punishment unlawfully administered by the corrective services officers.”

The director added that the officers and the boy had a lengthy conversation before he was handcuffed and put to restraint with a spit mask placed on his head. Lyons said that he “was appalled by what I saw.”

Following the ABC’s Four Corners program’s revelation of mistreatment of detainees in the NT detention center at the Don Dale Youth Detention Center, Queensland Attorney-General Yvett D’Ath launched an operation to inspect the position of teenager prisoners in the detention units.

Among so many Australian states, only Queensland treats 17-year-old convicts as adults and are put to strict punishments for their offences in adult prisons.