Child abuse cases have become run of the mill, but it is quite shocking when the opposite is reported. British schools have been facing the opposite scenario as students as young as five years have been found involved in committing sex crimes.

An investigation into the matter has revealed that the children sex offenders at school target four-year-old kids or so for the purpose. The recent figures depicted that there were 719 cases in 2011-12, rising to 2,000 in 2014-15. The cases include rape, sexual grooming as well as child prostitution. The main concern of the investigation was the involvement of teachers in criminalizing the behavior of the innocent children.

Children’s charity Plan International UK retrieved the data using the Freedom of Information Act. It found the figures quite “alarming”. Hence, it put forth a demand to the Government to have platforms to make relationship education compulsory.

“Sadly, we are not shocked because we have heard time and again from girls that sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools is commonplace,” the charity’s UK girls’ right campaigner Lucy Russell said as quoted by Express UK. “It is something they are really worried about.”

Among all the cases reported from British schools, there was one where a girl, 5, was alleged to have sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy and another where a five-year-old boy sexually assaulted a girl below 13.

After going through the figures and details, the experts issued a warning saying that the depiction is completely based on the way the school is taking the children’s contact or comment. It might be possible that the children are not doing so intentionally.

The Daily Mail reported that the incidents comprised around one-third of the crimes committed on four-year-old victims or so are alleged to have child involvement while 15 percent of the accusations are put on school staff members, including teachers.