Actor Michael Jace, who played a police officer on the TV show “The Shield,” became a criminal as a court in Los Angeles convicted him of second-degree murder of his wife, April Jace.

The actor shot his 40-year-old wife in the back followed by two shots in the legs at their ancestral home in May 2014. The young children were present at the scene when their father heinously murdered their mother. The revolver used for committing the crime belonged to the victim’s father. The court’s verdict came following a week-long trial. BBC reported that Jace’s 10-year-old son recalled the incident and told the court that prior to firing the second time, his father said,“If you like running then run to heaven.”

Michael Jace did not attempt to defend himself. According to, soon after the attack, he told detectives that he took the gun to kill himself but couldn’t gather the courage to do so. Hence, he shot his wife in the leg to make her feel pain. The detectives produced a recorded statement in court. The actor’s father-in-law called 911 and said that Jace called him and texted him about the murder. Through the message, he asked his wife’s father to get their children from the spot.

Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef told judges that the actor waited for his wife after considering the idea of killing himself. He shot her and taunted her before shooting her in her legs. The couple’s adult son, Savoy Brown, said that the family was happy with the court’s verdict.

Jace’s lawyer Jamon Hicks claimed that the actor regretted killing his wife. He told the court that Jace has accepted his crime but the case should be considered under voluntary manslaughter section as he murdered his wife out of the heat of passion.

The actor, 53, will be sentenced on June 10 and is likely to face up to 40 years of imprisonment.