The fourth season of the well-received and well-loved BBC series “Sherlock” may not be out until 2017, but it appears that one of the show’s characters is itching to make an appearance in public.

The character in question is no other than the notorious James Moriarty (Andrew Scott), Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) nemesis.

According to Independent, Moriarty made an unusual appearance in Kiev, Ukraine. Although one would think that this is a brilliant marketing ploy from the creators of “Sherlock” and BBC, that is not the case. The website reports that the image of Moriarty–with the caption “Did you miss me?”–on the train screens was caused by a hack.

Usually, the train screens show clips regarding the metro’s safety regulations and etiquette rules and play them on a loop.

Independent also reports that the motive with the hacking is still unknown. The website suggests that the reason for the hack may be as in-depth as criticizing the transport system’s lax security or may be as simple as showing support for Benedict Cumberbatch and the series.

Meanwhile, i100 details that the press service of Kiev underground system said they did not approve of the images appearing on the train screens and that they are investigating the matter.

The website says that for now, the so-called hack may have been made with good or fun intentions. However, it also relays that Kiev underground does not dismiss the fact that the transport system may be compromised. As of this writing, no follow up regarding the investigation of the incident has been released.

Independent mentions that Moriarty’s appearance on the Kiev trains is reminiscent of “Sherlock’s” season 3 finale where the antagonist taunts Sherlock Holmes in the same manner: appearing on screens with the caption “Did you miss me?”.

“Sherlock” season 4, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular detective and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson, comes back on air on 2017.