It appears that Sherlock Holmes will return sooner than expected.

This time, however, he’s not portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch nor is this connected with the TV series as this certain Sherlock Holmes will make his arrival on another media format.

The famous character whose detective capabilities are beyond human will lend his power to players who are fond of the mystery genre in the upcoming video game “Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter.”

The detective game will be available in Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC this coming May 27. As announced in Polygon, Devil’s Daughter is the eighth installment of the Holmes series published by Bigben Interactive and developed by Frogwares from Ukraine.

Much mystery shrouds the crime thriller game as of this moment since no details have been divulged yet. Screenshots, however, have been made available for everyone to see in the Frogwares website. EuroGamer also revealed that there would be five cases and the setting would be in London.

“For the first time, the powers of analysis and composure of Sherlock Holmes will be shaken by emotion as he is caught between family, dark forces and powerful thirsts for vengeance,” the game developer studio provided as teaser.

The Devil’s Daughter is expected to perform since the latest entry “Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments” had very positive reviews. The seventh Holmes game was effective in making the players draw every ounce of logical reasoning in order to crack a certain case. Crimes and Punishment is reported to be the most successful among the Holmes franchise.

Gamers will play as the titular character who happens to be the most celebrated detective as he is commemorated in video games, comics, films and TV series.

As for the ‘Sherlock ’ TV series, its fourth season will start shooting this April 2016 and is said to air on 2017.