Sherlock season 4 spoilers continue to spread like wildfire online. While not a lot has been disclosed as of writing, speculations are rife online.

Perhaps one of the most talked about possibilities next season involves the rumored return of Moriarty, Sherlock’s arch nemesis. It has been confirmed a lot of times in the past that the character is dead and won’t be coming back, however, several theories are still hinting that this might be a strategy to water down audience’s expectations.

As What Culture speculated, maybe Moriarty is really dead, but no one can assume that he might have a twin brother who shares his evil. The site noted that since fans are anticipating Moriarty’s return, execs of the show may have ridden on the hype and give them a twist they wouldn’t expect.

“Since we saw him die, most people have interpreted his return as a kind of posthumous contingency plan,” the report noted. “And indeed, The Abominable Bride was basically an hour and a half long way of saying ‘yes, he’s REALLY dead’. But why go to such insane lengths to convince fans of what they already knew? To strengthen the double bluff, of course.”

Previous “Sherlock” season 4 spoilers have noted that the main plot of the upcoming run involves a return. Of what or who, no one really can say just yet.

“Ghosts of the past are rising in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and terror and tragedy are looming,” showrunner Steven Moffat said according to a  Celeb Dirty Laundry report. “This is the story we’ve been telling from the beginning and it’s about to reach its climax.”

Meanwhile, fans are also looking forward to seeing what the new villain, played by Toby Jones, has to offer.  Many are speculating that his character is somewhat connected to Moriarty. Producers continue to keep mum about the speculation.

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