The fourth season of “Sherlock” may still be far ahead but series creator Mark Gatiss is kind enough to share little clues to fans to get them by.

In a report by Entertainment Weekly, Gatiss reveals that he is gaining progress on creating season 4 of the detective show and that he already finished writing its first episode. From the article, EW quotes Gatiss in saying:

“I just finished [writing] episode 1.”

This must be a relief for fans since the hectic schedules of everyone involved in the show appears to be the main reason why there is a major gap between the fourth season and the rest of the earlier installments.

It has been previously reported by The Telegraph that due to the actors’ busy schedules and demand for films, scheduling becomes difficult. Gatiss and co-producer Steven Moffat also have their own busy schedules. However, Moffat expressed that they are keen on continuing the series and its just a matter of scheduling to fit everyone’s time for the next season.

This just means that although Benedict Cumberbatch’s time is mostly taken by big commitments such as the upcoming Marvel movie “Doctor Strange”, he is still reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes. Even Martin Freeman, who finds himself sucked in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well with a role in “Captain America: Civil War”, is sure to remain as Sherlock’s friend and confidante, Dr. John Watson.

Still, despite the actors’ sure return, Gatiss reveals that the upcoming season will feature more adventures and that Moriarty’s apparent return will involve some very big stuff. Entertainment Weekly further quotes Gatiss in saying:

“All I can say is, this is a major, life-changing series for the regulars. The repercussions of Moriarty’s apparent return are far-reaching.”

While no official announcement has been made on the premiere of “Sherlock” season 4, fans can look forward to the series’ Christmas special titled ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride”. It is scheduled to air on New Year’s Day.

Check out the trailer below: