Fans are excited by the imminent return of Sherlock season 4 and here are more reasons to look forward to its premiere in 2017.

More clues about Sherlock season 4 recently dropped and could possibly reveal what audiences can expect when it returns. Earlier hints pointed to a dark and intense period for Holmes and Watson this time around. Yet it also teased at the possible entry of another family member. Showrunner Mark Gatiss was cryptic about who would portray the third brother. Although, his picture with Tom Hiddleston at the San Diego Comic-Con seemed telling.

This time around, the titles of the first and second episodes of season 4 came out on its official Facebook page. According to the FB post, episode 1 is The Six Thatchers while the next episode two is The Lying Detective. Episode 3 though indicated featured the question mark ? symbol. Thus, could it be the actual title or will it reveal the actual title later on.

A second teaser offered by three of the leads of Sherlock at the SDCC featured three names on separate cards. At the time, Gatiss held the card with Thatcher written on it. According to Screen Rant, this could refer to the story The Adventure of the Six Napoleons but uses Thatcher instead. The original written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is about a criminal in search of a black pearl hidden inside a bust of Napoleon. Thus, could the criminal in a modern-day London setting be aiming at figures of Thatcher?

Meanwhile, the second title The Lying Detective could reference yet another Doyle classic The Adventure of the Dying Detective. In the original, Holmes feigned sickness in order to catch Culverton Smith. Hence, what type of deception would he do this time to capture a murderer? Could Sherlock co-star Amanda Abbington have a clue since she held the card of Smith?