The fourth series of “Sherlock” will not premiere for another year. But has a new plot line been recently leaked? Will the World’s Only Consulting Detective really set to get a secret admirer when the show finally returns?

According to the Telegraph, no such report has surfaced. But Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes in the series, recently did gain a secret admirer. The actor has attracted the attention of an “unusual” fan – Koko the gorilla. “She has a big crush on him,” producer Bridget Appleby told Radio Times. “She loves English men.”

Appleby is part of the team making a documentary for BBC1 about the life of Koko. Koko was raised by humans. She was taught to communicate through American sign language. She enjoys English accents. And she has apparently developed a crush on Cumberbatch after watching DVDs of the actor’s work.

“What can be so startling is that because she’s been brought up with people, she has similar mannerisms, similar gestures,” the BBC1 producer said. “And you do feel that there’s a familiarity that you wouldn’t normally expect to have with an animal… You feel like you’re on the same level of communication, even without the sign language.”

Koko was first loaned to Dr. Penny Patterson for her doctoral research in 1971. She claims the ape can understand “more than 1,000 signs,” which she uses to construct her very own phrases. “She’s not a pet,” Patterson was quoted by Telegraph as saying. “But the fact that Koko can love, that we can love each other even though we’re different species, really gets people thinking deeply about life. And that’s what we need to do.” BBC’s documentary “Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks To People” is set to explore the ape’s life and relationship with Patterson.

Meanwhile, the fourth series of “Sherlock” is set to begin filming in Morocco soon.