Shark nets have been very effective in trapping the man-eating animal. However, the eco-vandals are posing risk to the lives of aquatic species as well as humans by damaging these nets. The damaging of these nets is proving dangerous for surfers and swimmer.

As a result of this, eco-vandals destroying shark nets sabotaging might have to face a jail term of up to five years, if the matter grabs legal attention. Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair criticized the eco-vandals on Monday and said that the cutting of the nets is punishable. “Deliberate acts of malicious damage are not just dangerously foolish, they can attract sentences of up to five years jail under the Crimes Act,” the minister said.

How Effective Are Shark Nets

In the first month of trial period, the NSW government found that the use shark nets have been able to trap four sharks along the state’s north coast. The measure came as a part of a strategy worth $16 million designed to ensure protection to swimmers and surfers. Three of the sharks included two tiger and one great tiger that were tagged and then released in deeper water. Another one was a bull shark that was found dead.

The shark nets have been a good alternative given to the increasing shark attacks across Australia. NSW has witnessed fatal shark attacks, including 22 gruesome ones since 2015. Hence, the state government had to take strict steps to control the scenario.

The latest vandalism instance was reported in October when the shark net was cut at Queenscliff, north of Manly. The success of the shark nets is, of course, remarkable but sabotaging them is a bad option. Labor frontbench MP Walt Secord has demanded strict punishments for the “ecowarriors”.

“These simple acts of vandalism have put thousands of families and tourists in harm’s way,” The Advertiser quoted him as saying. “These cowards may try to describe themselves as ‘eco warriors’ but they are nothing but ‘eco cretins’. If the government is considering tough measures to target these fools, I am on board and I will raise them with my shadow cabinet colleagues.”

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