A shark attack rocked West Australia once again with a surfer losing part of his leg. The victim is now battling for life in a hospital in Perth.

Twenty-nine-year-old Ben Gerring lost a major portion of his leg below the knee in the attack on Tuesday afternoon. Doctors at the Royal Perth Hospital are maximizing their efforts to stabilize his condition as he is still in a critical condition. Meanwhile, authorities are searching for the large white shark that attacked the surfer. Perth Now reported that on Wednesday, fisheries will deploy “shark capture gear” to trap the predator at Surf Break Lookout where the man was attacked. The authorities confirmed that the beach would remain closed until the task is over.

Gerring was surfing with his friends in Falcon, near Mandurah when the shark attacked him. Alex Jones, who surfed with the victim a couple of times and is a member of the Mandurah Boardriders Club, said that Gerring had planned for the surf on Tuesday. “We’ve had a couple of competitions here already this year so it’s pretty eerie to think this could have happened,” he said. “The surfing community is staying pretty strong and just channeling some positive energy towards Ben.”

Mandurah Boardriders Club President Brian Williams said that “all hell broke loose” when Gerring proceeded to catch a bigger wave. One of the witnesses, Ian Barker, claimed the man cried for help.  “Heard the boy say ‘shark’ and about 15 blokes paddled all the way into shore and there were two blokes still out there,” Barker said as quoted by News.com.au. “I paddled out to them, they needed a hand and that’s when I saw this fellow, he was very pale, they had him propped up on a surfboard.”

Falcon Bay Beach Café worker Shaimous Wright said that the customers were shocked to hear about the shark attack victim’s loss of the part of his leg after two men came to the café asking for ice.