Another woman has become the victim of a shark attack in Australia in less than a week. The woman was attacked on the country’s western coast.

Police said that the woman who was attacked by a shark was found by beach goers on Sunday morning. People who brought the woman to shore also stated that they spotted a shark which they described as longer than their 5.3-metre boat, the woman died of her injuries.

Seven News Perth reporter Kate Smithers is quoted by saying, “she was diving just off the boat ramp. There is an ambulance here but unfortunately, she couldn’t be revived. Nobody here that I’ve spoken to about it has seen or heard anything. When I’m telling them it’s the first they’ve heard of it.”

The Government of Australia’s “Shark Smart” website stated that the injuries in the woman’s body are consistent with that of  a shark attack. Although the cause of her death is still to be confirmed, the government has considered it as a fatal shark attack.

The government statement said, “Given the nature of the injuries and the location of the incident, it is likely that a large white shark, greater than 3 meters (nearly 10 feet) in size is responsible.”

Mindarie beach, where the attack took place, is closed today. The Western Australia Department of Fisheries set up traps to catch the shark but failed in their attempt, reported.

“The department will re-set capture gear at sunrise tomorrow, given there has been a determination that a serious threat to public safety exists,” the department in its statement said.

The female diver became the victim of shark attack just two days after Mandurah surfer Ben Gerring was killed when a shark bit his leg off. On Wednesday afternoon, a 14-foot-long white shark was captured in that area. Reportedly, 15 people have been killed by sharks since 2000.