Shannon Noll is the country’s biggest star to date. Hence, he may end up representing Australia at Eurovision. Fans of the 2003 “Australian Idol” runner-up want him. They even started an online petition for it.

The request began with Patrick Connors of Brisbane, Queensland. Connors claimed the country singer embodies the typical Australian, Mail Online reported.

He said, “What better man to represent Australia, than the pride and joy of Condobolin, NSW and Australian Idol 2003 runner-up, Shannon Noll.”

To date, 566 have signed the petition posted on

The website noted other merits of Noll as revealed by petitioners.

“Can you honestly think of one man that embodies the Australian ideals of persistence and mateship more than Shannon Noll? A measly fifth place wouldn’t be enough for Nollsy, the man would very well lead us to 1st given his calibre,” it pointed out.

Prior to this petition, the website also revealed an earlier solicitation for the singer. For that particular plea, 6,000 fans got together and asked him to perform at “Groovin’ The Moo festival.

However, the singer did not make the line-up for the event. As a result, the following post appeared on the event’s Facebook page.

“Shocked, upset, angry, confused… These are only a few words to describe how I feel right now. I have let every single one of you down. I am so so sorry.

Mail Online cited his earlier interview with Daily Mail Australia.

“I never would have thought that Eurovision would have been a candidate, but it is pretty funny and very humbling as well.” revealed Noll’s continued fame even after “Australian Idol”. The website noted that Noll recently headlined a gig during Sydney University’s Orientation Week.

The website noted the call for him to represent the country is likely a follow up to Guy Sebastian’s participation last year.

However, this is one of two petitions for the Aussie singer. The second plea is also on It called for his depiction on the AUD 10 note.