GWS Giant Shane Mumford may have indeed insulted Lance Franklin of the Sydney Swans. Revelations surfaced that Mumford did ridicule the Swans star allegedly over the latter’s struggle with mental problems during the Sydney derby final.

Shane Mumford and the Giants are reported to have already talked about the said controversy. The Giant star is even believed to have admitted to the club bosses that he did utter a few words to Franklin. According to News Corp Australia, he said something like “it’s good seeing that you are not on breaks this year,” during Saturday’s derby. This offensive remark apparently hints at Franklin’s prolonged leave of absence last year, which took him out of the final series.

Both the GWS and the Swans refused to give any comments on the issue as of Monday night. However, GWS captain Phil Davis made a comment that the AFL clubs should penalize any player who jokes about a colleague’s mental condition, although he did not hear the comment himself. Pressures are also very likely to arise from mental health societies for a powerful statement from the AFL if the accusations are justified further.

It appears though that the AFL is not taking any action since no official complaint has been lodged by Franklin. If Mumford is indeed to be sanctioned, it will be internally. The Giants will have to question their ruckman further and the club is also trying to communicate with Franklin and the Sydney Swans before coming up with a decision. The player has yet to file a complaint, and thus, it seems unlikely that the Swans would push for a sanction.

Shane Mumford is likely to come out clean. In the meantime, he will continue to front the GWS Giants amidst the controversy. It seems though that this alleged gibe against Franklin’s personal battles has somehow pushed the Giants’ momentous victory to the background.