Former basketball champion Shane Heal is poised to stand trial in Brisbane over allegations that he defrauded Philadelphia 76ers NBA coach Brett Brown.

The four-time Olympian is charged with three counts of fraud for allegedly defrauding his former friend and coaching mentor when Heal was the sole director of three companies, which are all now deregistered. Brown, according to 9News, gave the former Australian Boomers star a total of $1 million in investments as cheques on three separate occasions, $750,000 of which were not used for the intended purposes.

Deborah Holliday acting on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions told the court that the money went into Heal’s CommSec Margin loan.

“It was used not for the purpose that Heal represented to Brown that it would be used for,” she said. “It is quite clear the defendant considered that account to not be a company account but his own account.”

Heal’s attorney, Peter Davis QC, called the accusations “nonsense” and argues that”there is no pot of money, there is no individual sum to be used.” He told the committal hearing in Brisbane’s Magistrates Court that the money went into a pool account but on all three occasions, the promised outcomes were realized: A coffee shop was acquired, a construction company was set up and an Urban Burger head franchise was purchased.

Magistrate Jacqui Payne agreed there was sufficient evidence against the former basketball player and committed him to stand trial at a date to be fixed.

Shane Heal did not comment on the decision at the court but later said that he’s disappointed and he’s looking forward to telling his side of the story.

“Obviously I’m disappointed but we always thought this was part of the process that it was always going to trial,” he said. “I look forward to being able to get on the stand and really let the truth come out and tell my side of the story so that’s all I can say right now I hope you can understand.”

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