The new season two of “Shadowhunters” is set to premiere in 2017.

Although fans will have to wait for a year, Katherine McNamara hinted that viewers could expect exciting season for Freeform’s hit television series.

McNamara, who plays Clary, confirmed on Twitter that the show has already been picked up for a second season that will include twenty episodes, reported.

Kat tweeted out, “We’ll be back soon with 20 episodes for season 2 @shadowhunterstv!Xx” along with a picture of the whole cast.

“Shadowhunters” season 1 just ended earlier this month and season two has already been rumored to hit the small screen in 2017, according to Carter Matt.

Executive producer Ed Decter also teased that some of the characters of the show will be having some major transformation in the upcoming season.

“Some characters we’ve met go through giant transformation. Simon’s girlfriend Maureen has a lot in store for her, and there’s a lot in store for Jocelyn and Luke. There will be new characters we meet as well, including the Seelie Queen. We’ll start building into each of the realms in a different way,” told TVLine.

According to Bustle, “Shadowhunters” season 2 is set to tackle more details from its source material. The upcoming season of the series, which is based on the Cassandra Clare stories,  will reportedly focus on Luke’s werewolf pack, which could also set up the path to knowing Maia, the young werewolf who likes Simon. Also, season 2 could also explore more about the distorted paternal dynamics of Jace and Valentine.

“Shadowhunters” season 2 could also feature the Seelie Court from the “City of Ashes,” as the first season introduced Meliorn to the fans.

In addition, the upcoming season could also present some story arcs coming from “City of Glass,” which includes the protagonist’s endeavor to Idris, the homeland of the “Shadowhunters.”