Looks like Playstation is out to honour one of the iconic games of all time, Shadow of the Beast. Sony has already transformed this week into an incredible one after incorporating a host of amazing games in this month’s free list. Playstation has still some left to offer.

A bold reimagining of the 1989 Amiga classic, Shadow of the Beast unveils a universe where futuristic technology and ancient empires dwell side by side. According to the Playstation website, a ferocious combat awaits you “without pity; without mercy.” You have to take control of the beast Aarbron and unleash an “unstoppable tide of brutality” on all who stand between you and your vengeance.

Matt Birch, CEO and Founder of Heavy Spectrum, writes on the official Playstation blog about the latest venture. He quotes, “We’re delighted to share an element of our game that means a lot to us. This time, we want to tell you about the heritage of Shadow of the Beast and the ways we honour it.

“As fans of the original, we wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to give new players that same experience that inspired us. To that end, we’ve implemented a full emulation of the original game as an unlockable bonus! So you get the entire original game playable on your PS4 included within the new Shadow of the Beast!

“We’ve added an infinite lives mode and some other helpful features that should give you a fighting chance of reaching the end — these can be disabled for anyone brave enough!”

Birch also notes that music is important to the “Shadow of the Beast” atmosphere, so he has roped in Ian Livingstone to produce “a fantastic dynamic soundtrack .”

Even the amazing “Art” and “Alternative Soundtrack” will have a huge impact, notes the source. But the creators are yet to unveil something more. So stay tuned for more updates.

Shadow of the Beast will be launched on May 17, 2016, on PlayStation 4 consoles.