Is Kylie Jenner following Kim Kardashian’s lead? Rumours of a sex tape leak has plagued the youngest of Kardashian-Jenner clan, which was reportedly made public in Tyga’s website for just 30 minutes. Several years ago and before the family empire was born, Kanye West’s wife also faced the same controversy.

Earlier this week, the budding makeup mogul had to deal with an alleged sex tape that she and her ex-boyfriend supposedly made, according to Mirror. The video is already being shopped around for thousands of dollars.

With the sisters almost following the same pattern, some could not help but compare them.

Who is Better at Promotion?

Kylie Jenner’s supposed sex tape leaked just after her breakup with Blac Chyna’s baby daddy. Just when everybody thought they have heard the last of the former couple, a bomb surrounding their controversial relationship was dropped.

The video appeared on the Rack City rapper’s website but it was immediately taken down half an hour after its supposed airing.

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape leak, on the other hand, also broke out after her breakup with partner Ray J. The video was reportedly taped in 2003, around the same time they began their relationship. However, it only found its way in the internet by 2007.

The sisters may be equal in this point as there is no doubt they made quite a controversy around the time their sex tapes leaked.

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Who’s Better in Selling?

Kylie Jenner’s explicit video with then boyfriend Tyga is still being reportedly shopped around so there is no price attached to it yet.

However, if the ex-couple’s previous offer is any indication, they could be raking in some serious money.

It can be recalled that when the makeup entrepreneur turned 18, she and the rapper were offered to take their intimate moments in front of the camera to the tune of $10 million (AU$13.8 million). Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch reportedly told the teenager how her sister’s sex tape launched her career, and how doing the same would do her good, Mirror reported.

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BangYouLater also made a counter offer but no amount was mentioned. It reportedly promised the young reality tv star that she would be more famous than her older sister or Taylor Swift should she do the tape.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape earned her $4.5 million (AU$6.2 million), according Mail Online.

The cash may not be as much but she certainly gained popularity, and in the process earned her family an empire. That sex tape was widely recognized as the start of the Kardashian empire which gave birth to the reality show, fashion line, cosmetics, game apps and the millions in endorsement.

In this case, Kim Kardashian wins over sister Kylie Jenner hands down.