Tania Trinidad Paredes, a young female psychologist, was allegedly choked to death with a cable after she asked her partner for a hardcore sex session.

Things that started on a wild passionate note went too far and took a deathly turn earlier this week.

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Juan Javier Jonathan Ruiz Torres, 32, a journalist, has recently been arrested by the police as the prime suspect in the killing of Paredes. He is still being interrogated by the authorities.

Tania, 23, was found dead in Ruiz Torres’ home in the Tlalpan borough of the capital Mexico City, The Sun reports.

Tania Trinidad Paredes Got Killed During A Hardcore Sex Sessionwww.thesun.co.uk

Tania Trinidad Paredes Got Killed During A Hardcore Sex Session

Juan told police that Tania supposedly asked him to strangle her with a cable and slap her during a hardcore sex encounter.

He further claimed that he and the victim had been on a night out with his friend Jose Luis Arzate Martinez before they came back to the apartment.

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Things apparently got a little raunchy when Tania suggested a threesome.

However, when Arzate Martinez refused and went to bed, the young psychologist reportedly started to get intimate with Ruiz Torres instead.
Ruiz Torres revealed, “During the act, she asked me to squeeze her neck and slap her because she liked violent sex.”
He continued disclosing that he used a cable he found at the side of the bed. Unintentionally, Ruiz wound it so tight that it killed his bed partner Tania Trinidad Paredes.
Doctors said asphyxiation was the cause of death. The cable around her neck was hard enough to break her neck bones.
According to local reports, initially, the male journalist claimed innocence. He subsequently caved under pressure and spilled the truth. He confessed to the apparent sex accident to the police.

He certainly is not legally guilty since he has not yet been convicted.

Deaths during a wild romp seem to be very common these days. An article posted on the Mirror told a similar story. Last Sunday morning, a drunken tourist died after allegedly hitting his head on a wall during a hardcore steamy session with a young sex worker in a Pattaya hotel.

Is a wild romp or an exuberant intimate session a safe bet to fulfil one’s desire?

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