Three couples tried changing their life with sex. Two heterosexual couple, one in a five-year-old relation and another in a relation for 11 months, as well as a homosexual couple, together for six years, took up the 30-day challenge to have sex every day.

Sexologist author Dr. Ava Cadell, who has been teaching sex for over 20 years, suggests having regular sex among couples. “The benefit of having regular sex in a relationship is that you have intimate communication, you both feel desired and loved,” she says in the video.

On day 4, Mallory says that her husband Kevin woke her up at 1 am to remind her that they forgot to have sex. The couple earlier says that they have sex around five times a week.

Dimitri, who has a five-year relation with Suki, was fed up after a week. The couple disagreed earlier about the number of times they make love in a week. While Dimitri believes they have sex once or twice a month, Suki says they have it 2/3 times a week.

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Dimitri says after a week into the challenge that he is pretty sick of it. “Definitely don’t wanna bone anymore,” Suki adds. Dimitri says he is annoyed about the entire thing.

After a week, even the more “active” couple of the two heterosexual ones says they did not make love the previous night.

After 15 days into the challenge, Mallory reveals that things changed in half a month. While she used to climax almost all the time earlier, now she has orgasm only about 50 percent of the time.

When Cadell tells them orgasm and sex are not to be confused, the couple says they do not enjoy sex like they used to.

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RJ and Will, the homosexual couple in the challenge, believe the thing they used to enjoy the most became a chore.

Dimitri goes even further and says he believes his d*ck is going to fall off.

After 21 days, Mallory says they have already missed four days as it is getting harder to keep up to the challenge. After 26 days, Dimitri and Suki say they have started enjoying the challenge. Dimitri says he is sorry he has been negative about it.

After 28 days, RJ says he does not recommend it to any couple.

After the end of the challenge, only one in three couples felt happy about it. Malory said it was a miracle that their private parts survived.

The BuzzFeedBlue video was published on YouTube on March 12, and went viral. When last checked, it got more than two million views.