“Seven Year Switch” has a strange new twist. The latest episode saw Tim stripping off and jumping into bed with Tallena. While Tim admitted to sleeping with each other, counsellor Jo Lamble had to question the couple about how strong a bond they have formed.

According to latest reports, Tallena and Brad survived the reality show. They even got married in an intimate ceremony. But did she cheat on Brad with Tim? Did she enjoy her night cap with Tim? Daily Mail reports that Tim relayed his night adventure to Lamble while admitting, “We slept with each other last night.”

However, Tallena tried to change the sexual tone of the confession by adding that though they shared the bed, they didn’t actually sleep with each other. “No we didn’t – you got into my bed and I got out half-an-hour later,” she said. “He’s pretty stern on the fact that he wants that bed! He doesn’t care whether I am in it or not!” she added.

The latest episode of “Seven Year Switch” featured Tallena retreating to the bedroom to sleep on the bed. Despite being fully aware of the fact that she was already in the bed, Tim stripped and jumped in, closing the door behind him, informs Australian Women’s Weekly.

Clearly pissed, Tallena moved to the floor sometime later. “It kind of p***** me off that he still got into bed next to me,” she said. “I ended up getting out of bed and going back to sleeping on the floor,” she added.

In the meantime, Jackie was seen foam rolling on the floor. This was maybe to distract herself after she came to know about the tattoo Tim got with Tallena. When asked about Brad, News.com.au states that Jackie revealed it was kind of a sports massage and not a workout. Jackie wanted to split with Tim after hearing about the sad tattoo. How will Jackie react if she realised that Tim jumped in with Brad’s partner, Tallena?