The latest episode of “Seven Year Switch” saw Tallena admitting to being happy without Brad. She also confessed to getting closer to Tim amidst all the spa dates and mutual tattoos. Does that mean that the Brad-Tallena wedding is cancelled? Has Tallena fallen for Tim?

“Seven Year Switch’s” Tallena had an emotional outburst after viewing the footage of her interaction with Brad, states Daily Mail. While Brad seemed to have dominated the conversation, Tallena was reduced to tears. “We just argue and argue and don’t get anywhere,” said an upset Tallena. “I know I should sit here and compromise. I’m sitting here trying to be really open and taking constructive criticism to figure out what I am doing wrong,” she added.

Jo Lamble, a clinical psychologist, explained to the teary-eyed girl that she needed to speak up and stand for herself instead of compromising every now and then. But Tallena was not convinced. In the middle of complaining about her partner, she made some shocking revelations.

“The first week in the house made me realise that I can be happy again. But I was happy because Brad’s not here,” she said. confirms that Tallena has been having doubts about her relationship with Brad for some time now on “Seven Year Switch.” Tim and Tallena can be seen getting along better than anyone else. Is Tallena falling for Tim? “Tim and I are getting closer. We are big kids,” reveals Tallena.

The footage which caused an emotional upheaval for Tallena resulted in an epiphany of sorts for Brad. He not only realised how badly he treated his fiancee but is also ready to walk down the aisle with her. In his words, “he can’t wait.”

When questioned by Tim if she wanted to continue with Brad, Tallena said she didn’t know.“I feel like I can be more myself when I am not around him,” she said. “So I don’t know what this means for us,” she added.