The “Seven Year Switch” reunion left viewers happy about being single. The show received criticism from viewers for being unrealistic.

“Seven Year Switch” garnered top ratings despite the backlash. The reunion brought viewers up to date with the status of the participating couples. However, viewers are not impressed and they took to Twitter to vent out their frustration.

They felt that the couples were idiots and the show promoted wrong and unrealistic things, notes Daily Mail. “So what did we learn? Psychologists aren’t real, abuse is good, babies fix bad relationships,” said Twitter user Kylie. Many seem upset about Tallena’s decision to get married to Brad. Brad has turned out to be the villain of the series, with his selfishness and controlling ways. Even Ryan felt “this guy’s a sook.”

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, it is surprising that the psychologists are speechless about Brad’s behaviour, but advises Jackie to manage her controlling ways. “Jo Lamble and Peter Charleston seemingly had nothing to say. Which is baffling, because few who witnessed the dynamic between Brad and Tallena could have failed to see reason for concern,” writes Karl Quinn in his article.

On the other hand, Jackie’s apparently okay now with Tim’s tattoo and his naked spa time after ranting about it for episodes together, states “Ummmm, I’m a pretty dramatic person. I did find it quite hilarious when he took his pants off in the spa,” she said. Jackie and Tim revealed about their move to Gold Coast and that Jackie is 25 weeks pregnant. Yahoo news elaborates that the couple is also engaged now.

Even Cassie and Ryan are expecting their baby girl. She is happy that Ryan sold his business and has tabs on her beau. “We’re just happy now. Ryan has let go of the business,” said Cassie. “We have lifestyle, we have balance. I know when Ryan’s going to work and when Ryan’s coming home,” she added.

However, Ryan’s “Seven Year Switch” partner Michelle was not successful in saving her relationship. Jason and Michelle are not together anymore. “We went back to our lives. We put all of the things we’d learnt into practice. And we did what we said we were going to do — we tried,” spilled Michelle. “But at the end of the day we decided we were going to separate,” she added.

Here are Twitter reactions  to the “Seven Year Switch” reunion: