Love it or hate but you simply can’t ignore it. That explains why Channel Seven’s “Seven Year Switch” is the second most-watched show on television. Despite drawing flak from all corners, the show has attracted an audience of 929,000 Australians. Has flirting, infidelity, and shocking revelations helped in any way?

The most shocking revelation came from Michelle when she said that she hates Jason and threatened to leave him if he did not mend his ways, says Daily Mail. During a conversation with psychologist Peter Charleston, she revealed that husband Jason was constantly whining for her affections and she was sick of pretending that everything was okay.

The thing that got everyone talking was the idea of bargaining that was discussed in one of the episodes, states “Michelle, what if you tried to appeal to Jason by talking about something that he will listen to — something that’s important to him,” asked Charleston. “Think about it as a bargaining tool. What bargaining tool do you have?” he questioned.

“Sex!” came the reply from Michelle. “Because of the way that he is to me, I don’t feel like being affectionate with him, because most of the time I hate his guts,” she added. “I know that sounds awful but when you get spoken to badly all the time and you feel like you are not listened to, I don’t want to cuddle the guy or anything else,” she went on.

Totally frustrated with her relationship, she added between sobs, “I’m sick of lying to everybody. He needs to change or I am going to leave.”

She is not the only one worried about her relationship. According to Junkee, Cassie is worried about things working out between her partner Ryan and Michelle. Tallena is already in doubts whether Brad is the guy for her while Jackie is trying hard to sort her relationship with Tim.

It appears that all the crying, accusing, flirting and fighting has helped the show after all. According to Mumbrella, “Seven Year Switch” attracted 929,000 metro audience yesterday, placing it second to “My Kitchen Rules” which pulled in 1.462 million viewers. This gave the show a gigantic 26.5 percent share of the audience.