The latest episode of “Seven Year Switch” was a roller coaster ride for all the participants as each one opened up to accusations, complaints, fears and confessions. The events ranged from Brad’s “no sex” and “not ready to marry,” to Jason’s “moody and immature Michelle” to Cassie’s “lack of respect.” The latest episode of Channel 7’s “Seven Year Switch” revealed it all.

According to, Brad, the half of the “Brad and Talleana” tandem, disclosed about his non-existent sex life to his temporary partner, Jackie.

“I’d like Tallena to be just a little more open,” he began. “I want her to be more open to me. I want her to be more sexually active. That’s another big one. We haven’t had sex in 11 months,” he confessed. “But what guy would you know that would stick around for that long? We don’t kiss passionately. It’s like she’s my best friend. That’s how I see it, it’s just like she’s my best friend,” he added.

That was not the only thing that was nagging the lad. After watching the video that had Talleana spilling the beans about their relationship, he added that he has not discussed his doubts with her, fearing her reaction. “I’m not completely honest with her. I’m not ready to marry her. I’m not ready. We’re not ready. We’re not ready to be married. We’re not ready to be husband and wife,” he admitted.

Well, Brad is not the only one having problems. “Seven Year Switch” has Jackie’s partner Tim currently staying with Brad’s Talleana. According to Daily Mail, both of them didn’t like revealing too much affection and PDAs. While the guy admitted that he needed to work on it, he also revealed that Jackie gets stressed with business to the point of affecting her health.

In the meantime, Cassie and Jason, who were matched together, revealed their relationship failures too. Jason informed that his partner, Michelle, can get moody and immature. He also feared losing his family if things didn’t fall through. Michelle, on the other hand, admitted to being unsure of their relationship, wondering if it is over or not. While she owned up to being a changed person who could not get along with Jason after her pregnancies, she felt her biggest relationship challenge was because of the way she feels.

The last couple revealed problems related to respecting each other as the biggest challenge in their relationship, states Daily Mail. While Cassie shared that she does not feel respected, Ryan admitted to feeling the resentment. He hoped to get his wife back at the end of it all.

While what happens next is not known, Talleana was recently spotted flashing her engagement ring at the end of her shift as the air stewardess for Virgin Australia, notes Daily Mail.

Here’s hoping to an “all’s well that ends well” for all of them.