“Seven Year Switch” 2016 season 2 ended on a dramatic note last week. While some couples had to gulp down the bitter truths of their relationship, others received twisted surprises.

On Monday night’s reunion episode of “Seven Year Switch,” all four couples revealed the new changes that have emerged in their lives since the cameras stopped rolling.

Tim and Jackie moved to the Gold Coast. The pair is now engaged. More to our surprise, Jackie is also 25 weeks pregnant.

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If we go into the details to find out the approximate time of conception, the result might surprise many. According to the calculations, Jackie conceived during the week they were reunited on the TV reality show.

If we are into gross details, the rough estimation hints that the conception probably occurred on the rickety massage table in Jackie’s untidy bedroom. However, this is mere guesswork, so let’s find out what else is on their plate.  There are so many things that need clearing up by Jackie, such as her insecurities about Tallena and how she reacts to Tim’s tattoo with Tallena. Is she still upset that Tim (now fiance) got naked in the spa with the latter? Most importantly, does she still manage to live in that messy bedroom or has she finally cleaned it?

First thing first. Let’s find out about the tattoo. When Jackie is asked by host Edwina Bartholomew about it, she replies laughingly, “Ummmm, I’m a pretty dramatic person.” She casts it aside, acts real relaxed and tries to convince the fans she’s less hostile now, reveals News.

Then Bartholomew inquiries how she felt when Tim went naked in the spa with Tallena. Jackie responds, “I did find it quite hilarious when he took his pants off in the spa.” Quite unexpected replies from a woman like Jackie but we have no choice but accept them.

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Bringing Tim into the picture, Edwina asks what he wants to convey to Tallena’s partner Brad.

Tim quotes Oprah: “Brad, lighten the f*ck up. Let’s be honest.”

“Seven Year Switch” did not bring a happy ending for Michelle and Jason. The pair split. Ryan and Cassie are expecting their fourth child.  Last but not the least, Tallena and Brad got married.