It was time for the partners to meet each other on “Seven Year Switch.” While Jackie and Tallena had an emotional date, Brad couldn’t help but get disgusted with Tim during their meet up. Brad’s “That’s pretty low” finally made Tim lose his cheeky smile.

The latest episode of  “Seven Year Switch” was a big one in terms of confessions and revelations. Finally, Jackie and Tallena met as Brad and Tim confronted each other. Waterworks followed Jackie and Tallena’s emotional meeting, reveals “He’s told me he loves me, like, three or four times in three-and-a-half years,” Jackie said when Tallena tried to explain that Tim has become more open with his feelings.

“And one of those times was because my father passed away so it doesn’t even count,” she added.
And while the girls hugged each other, Brad and Tim’s meeting took a confrontational note, states Daily Mail.

Cheeky Tim confessed to Brad that he jumped into the bed next to Tallena while she was sleeping. This didn’t go too well with Brad. “So you attempted to sleep next to my partner? Why would you put her in that predicament? Or me? Or Jackie for that instance?” asked Brad rather bluntly. “That’s pretty low. I’m a little disheartened from hearing that you tried to jump in bed next to my partner,” he added.

Things didn’t stop there. The question of the “spa date” loomed and Tim being Tim didn’t help at all. “It’s not a frat party. Like, f*** man, that’s ridiculous,” said a visibly pissed Brad. “It really is. That pissed me off. You’re aren’t thinking about your other partners,” he added.

However, the highlight of the episode was when it really got to Tim that things were clearly over between him and Jackie. “Done. If he wants to get a rise out of me that bad that he’s willing to get a tattoo with you, then yeah, he can get f—ed,” Jackie told Tallena. “I would never in a million years get a tattoo with someone else’s partner,” she added.

While Tallena tried to reason with Jackie, she ended it all. “Nup. Over. You can tell him. Over. He can get f—ed.”