The “Seven Year Switch” reunion episode has Tallena mad at Brad for his hurtful letter and she left their house. On the other hand, Jackie is back to being her usual self with Tim. Is the Brad-Tallena wedding cancelled? Are Jackie’s baby plans botched?

The latest episode of “Seven Year Switch” had the couples reuniting with their original partners. While Jason and Michelle’s was a low-key affair, Cassie and Ryan too were not full of drama. However, the Jackie and Tim and Brad-Tallena tandems never disappoint.

Daily Mail reveals that Jackie and Tim are now trying for a baby. The couple told their friend that they had tried for “400 times” already. Jackie and Tim were recently spotted at an event, with Jackie sporting a bump. So, it is true after all!

“Tim realised that he needed to care for me and be more affectionate and do nice things for me, which he never would have realised if we didn’t do it. The passion is just back like it was for the first year and a half before we started the business,” revealed Jackie.

“He’s like, ‘I want to have a baby.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ and I was crying and laughing … he said ‘I realised when I was away, I’ve never missed you so much’,” she added.

But things didn’t start smoothly for the couple. informs that upon meeting Tim, Jackie just let go of her feelings. Yes, they talked about the tattoo. But Tim’s confession of his massage session with Tallena tops the cake.

“Seriously, I don’t think I can be any more hurt by anything else that’s happened,” said Jackie. “I think I took the tattoo pretty f***ing well, to be honest. Now, I find out there’s also been a massage. You’ve never given me a massage in three and a half years,” he added.

Well, Jackie got her own massage after all. Is that why she became all forgiving on the “Seven Year Switch?”

While all is hunky-dory for the fitness couple, things might have just taken a bad turn for Brad and Tallena. She is mad about his bitter letter on her birthday. He is gobsmacked with her confessions about the spa date and Tim getting naked with her.

“Well, as far as I’m concerned, the wedding’s off,” huffed Brad. “Our relationship is off. If she wanted me, she would’ve been here. She wouldn’t have walked out on me,” he added.