“Seven Year Switch” Australia’s most talked about couple, Brad and Tallena, revealed that they go to couple counselling. Brad and Tallena took to Instagram to update their viewers about their counselling and they both believe that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

“Seven Year Switch’s” Brad is still considered a villain. After seeing the show, viewers felt that he was emotionally abusive towards Tallena. Fans were shocked when the couple decided to stay together after the show. Many tweeted, advising Tallena against it. Others criticised Brad for his behavior and there were those who poked fun at him.

Despite the criticism, the two got married in a secret ceremony attended by close friends and family. Daily Mail states that the couple met on Tinder a few years back. However, their relationship journey was not a smooth one. Knowing the challenges posed by their behaviors, the couple has decided to seek professional help at last.

Tallena posted a photo collage on their Instagram. It features a photo of them and a quote, saying “Everyday is a second chance.” She revealed the news about their counselling in the caption, states Herald Sun.

“After the show Brad and I started seeing a therapist and it’s honestly the best thing we have ever done! I am not embarrassed or ashamed that we go to therapy even when society makes you feel that it should be something you should hide,” read the caption. “Brad and I are so different in so many ways which is always going to challenge our relationship, by having someone there to help ‘translate’ helps us understand each other more and more everyday,” it added.

“Seven Year Switch” Australia was a social experiment by Channel Seven. It featured four couples caught in rocky relationships. They were separated and switched with other like-minded people from the bunch. The reality show got the top ratings during its run even after it was heavily criticized.