Brad and Tallena participated in Channel Seven’s controversial experiment, the “Seven Year Switch.” The episodes showed a different story, where Tim and Tallena were getting closer to each other. However, in reality, Brad and Tallena have survived the storm and have taken their vows in a secret ceremony.

A wedding guest shared the details about the secret ceremony that took place in front of 70 guests, states The wedding took place at the Pelican Waters Golf Resort and Spa in Queensland. It was attended by family and friends.

“Once Tallena met Brad at the end of the aisle, they did a big Hollywood-style kiss — the dip-down style,” the friend told Woman’s Day. “It was very romantic and they couldn’t stop laughing, smiling and kissing all day. It was beautiful,” the friend added.

Brad and Tallena participated on the “Seven Year Switch” in a last ditch effort to save the relationship. They switched partners and Tallena was paired with Tim. Brad shared a house with Jackie, who was Tim’s partner in real life.

According to Daily Mail, Tallena’s social media bio revealed that the couple was still on when she published his name on it. ANN had earlier reported that Tallena confessed that she was not happy with Brad. After viewing a video of their interaction, Tallena had admitted that their arguments go nowhere.

“We just argue and argue and don’t get anywhere,” said a visibly upset Tallena. “I know I should sit here and compromise. I’m sitting here trying to be really open and taking constructive criticism to figure out what I am doing wrong,” she added. She even revealed that she felt she could be happy again, despite Brad being absent.

The episode had led to rumours of romance between Tallena and Tim while the Brad-Tallena relationship hit rock bottom. However, the same video led to Brad realising how wrong he was with Tallena. Brad had an epic journey on “Seven Year Switch” from not being sure about the wedding, to being eager to walk down the aisle.