Channel 7 turned into a “relationship expert” with their bold new show, “Seven Year Switch.” The newest entrant in the reality TV segment showcases four troubled couples switching partners for two weeks.

These couples are either missing a spark in their relationship or even questioning their choice of partners. Basically, their relationship is on the brink of breaking up and the “switch” is their last ditch effort to save what is left.

Trained psychologists match the men and women with more like-minded partners from the group with whom they stay with for two weeks. Apparently, this will help them reassess their current relationships and take a final call on whether to fight for and save theirs or just give it all up.

According to, the couples are well aware of what they have signed up for when they agreed to this ‘social experiment.’ Naturally, there will be some amount of flirting involved. However, the temporary couples are not expected to have sex with each other.

The Newdaily claims though that the ‘social experiment’ is just a clever misuse of words to shamelessly exploit four couples going through the most difficult time of their lives. The couples in question are Tim and Jackie, Brad and Tallena, Jason and Michelle, and Ryan and Cassie.

“Seven Year Switch” debuted on Tuesday and managed to attract 858,000 viewers for the premiere episode, reveals AdNews.

Here are some moments from the very first episode of “Seven Year Switch” that have set the tone for the series:

  1. Tim calling Jackie “a bossy b*tch.”
  2. Jackie’s “Say you love me back on TV, you ***********.”
  3. Tallena’s confession: “Every time we used to fight, Brad used to take my ring off me.”
  4. Jason revealing that Michelle has forgotten to be fun in her bid to be a fantastic mother.
  5. Jason’s “Just picturing our family as no longer a family. We need this experiment to work. There’s heaps at stake.”
  6. Cassie going “I think he just needs to man up” about Ryan.
  7. Jason’s “Well, this is awkward.”