After Apple finished unveiling its heavily anticipated iPhone SE and iPad Pro, it looks like the company followed up with the major update to its mobile operating system. iOS 9.3 brings several new features designed to deliver better experiences to its users as well as enhanced security to keep everyone’s privacy in check. However, not long after the release, several users have started flooding the company’s online forum as several issues began plaguing their iOS devices after installing the latest update.

1. The latest update seems to cause battery draining issues on iOS devices. Despite the bump in battery rating, Apple’s latest iPhones still seem to drain fast. Couple it with the battery draining issue that came in with iOS 9.3 and it’s back to being a wall hugger for you.

2. It seems the vibration feature on iPhones is also affected by the latest update. This would pose a problem for users who are currently in meetings whenever they are waiting for notifications such as texts or calls.

3. Most users are also reporting that they weren’t able to get past the activation page of their devices, and it only says that the activation server is unreachable.

4. It appears that the most brutal issue is updating the iPad 2 to iOS 9.3. Upgrading the iPad 2 to the latest version would brick the device, so it may be in your best interest to keep your devices to iOS 9.2.1 at the moment until the matter gets resolved by Apple.

5. The new update also rendered some issues with the 3D Touch feature on an iPhone 6s Plus. One user found that the weather app wasn’t able to respond to the feature.

6. 4G LTE networks also can’t be accessed at the moment for some users.

7. The Music app also seems to be plagued with issues. Some playlists don’t open, and syncing with iTunes doesn’t push through.