It’s the time of the year when students are preparing themselves for their new sessions throughout the nation. SBS Australia presented a list of people who could not complete their studies but still made it big in the country.

Janine Allis

Janine Allis dropped out from school at the age of 16. She became interested in the juices and smoothie sector of the US food industry, inspiring her to start her own “Boost Juice.” With the help of her role in Ten’s reality show “Shark Tank” and her best-selling book “The Secrets of My Success,” she has accomplished her goal of encouraging young entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Anh Do

Anh Do left his studies just six months before the completion of his Business/Law degree at the University of Technology. He worked in multiple TV series and has published his autobiograpgy “The Happiest Refugee,” which won several literary awards and accolades at the time when it released in 2011. At present, he is working as an artist and painter.

Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman loved English in high school so she enrolled in a Communications degree under Year 12 Examinations campaign. She continued the degree for a year and then shifted to work at Cleo magazine. She became the youngest ever editor of “Cosmopolitan” at the age of 24. At present, she is the head of a successful online publication empire, Mamamia.

Thomas Lazar

Thomas Lazar was in Year 11 when he decided to quit his studies. He started designing gowns in his family garage despite coming from an Assyrian migrant background, where designing clothes was not meant for a young man. Today, he is a famous wedding-gown designer.

Zhenya Tsvetnenko

Zhenya Tsvetnenko dropped out of studies at the age of 20. He arrived in Perth from Russia when he was just 12. Today, he is one of the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs of the country who got featured on the BRW rich list several times.

Kirsty Dunphey

Kirsty Dunphey left her studies at age 19 but she set up her own real estate agency, M&M Real Estate, at the age of 21. She became a millionaire till she reached 23 and a billionaire at 25. She became the youngest recipient to get the Telstra Young Australian Business Woman of the Year Award in 2002.

Shannon Bennett

Shannon Bennett dropped out at the age of 15. Bennett realised his goal while stint flipping burgers at McDonald’s. He became an apprentice chef and travelled throughout Europe to know more about the finest chefs. He returned home at the age of 24 and opened his own restaurant, Vue de monde in Melbourne. lists some other popular names of people who dropped out but still grabbed recognition around the world. The list includes the names of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and many more.