PC games are always fantastic, even in the world of Xbox and PlayStation console. A brilliant PC game on a perfect screen with the highest resolution can provide the ultimate satisfaction.

Here is a list of ten most anticipated PC games of 2016.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

It is a squad-based shooting game that involves RPG elements. Among people who had played the beta version of the game, some have complained about the lack of “realism” for a Tom Clancy title.

However, in the game you can fight antagonists with your friends or even become a rogue for some PVP action, says Slash Gear.

Dishonoured 2

A game from Arkane Studios, “Dishonoured 2” might just be the exciting thing for 2016. According to little information received from its CG Trailer, one can play the game as hero Corvo Attano or can play as Emily Kaldwin who will have a set of superpowers.

“Dishonoured 2” gives more of what was there in the first part.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

While in the last part Shepard’s story was complete, the game indicated that the human race is packing up with an objective to head towards Andromeda galaxy. This game series is amazing and it will be very intriguing to discover what’s in store.

There might be a new hero, a new galaxy in the new game.


Although “Doom” is not the beginning of FPS games, it became a charger for the genre. It has been a long time we were in Hell and back. The reboot would deliver more of that.

This game involves no health gain or cover based shooting. This is entirely old school.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Like “Dishonoured 2,” comes another open-world game containing parkour and a beautifully drawn dystopia.

Catalyst  is a reboot that focuses more on the freedom to explore the city of “Glass.”

The game looks very promising on the gameplay trailer. DICE has provided a feel-good combat section, says PC Gamer.

Start Citizen

There are chances that this game might not be released. There have been beta versions but it is better to stay away from them to get the total experience when it is totally out.

“Star Citizen” has raised more money than any other crowd-funding project. It convinces gamers that it is one of the most magnanimous space simulation games ever made.

No Man’s Sky

As a game of exploration, No Man’s Sky starts at one of its 18 quintillion planets and then discover further. Another part of the game is to create alliance with alien races to get better at performance.

All the planets in the game are procedurally generated.