With the death of the serial “lady killer” Bruce Burrell, the secret behind the mysterious murders has been silenced forever.

As the murderer died, he took with him the mystery of where he buried the dead bodies of the victims. The convict died from cancer in Lithgow prison. He was taken to the New South Wales hospital from the prison where he took his last breath. He was sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment for murdering a rich woman from Sydney named Dorothy Davis.

She disappeared from her Lurline Bay home in 1995. The murder followed Davis’ demand for repayment of a loan of $100,000 that Burrell borrowed from her.

He was also sentenced to life imprisonment in 2006 for abducting and murdering another Sydney woman named Kerry Whelan, who has been missing since 1997. She went missing from outside a hotel located in Parramatta.  It was in 2015 when Whelan’s husband Bernie Whelan died a tragic death without even finding out where his wife’s grave was. Police claimed that Burrell contacted Whelan’s husband to demand a ransom. Reports have suggested that Burrell worked for the man previously.

It is unclear if the convict had any third victim either before or after the ones revealed. The motive behind the serial killing was always money.

ABC reported that the police claimed that 63-year-old Burrell buried Davis’ body at a remote location in the Southern Highlands. The NSW Department of Corrective Services released a statement on Thursday and confirmed that the murderer died at a hospital. “About 1:10am today, officers from the Eastern Beaches Local Area Command were called to the Corrective Services wing of the Prince of Wales hospital following the death of a 63-year-old man who was serving a custodial sentence,” a statement said.

“A report will be prepared for the coroner. However, the death is not being treated as suspicious.”