Ted Bundy is an American serial killer, who was suspected of committing more than fifty murders. He was arrested in Florida on February 15, 1978 and got convicted the following year. While in prison, Bundy revealed he had raped and murdered over thirty women. He was sentenced to death. Here are five things you may not know  about the serial killer.

The First Capture

Bundy was incarcerated by Highway Patrol Sergeant Bob Hayward in Utah. Hayward spotted a suspicious vehicle as it was driving at 2:30 AM through his neighbourhood. While Hayward was attempting to pull over the VW Beetle, Bundy tried to elude him. Finally, after Bundy was caught, Hayward found objects on the car’s back seat that apparently looked like burglary tools.

The Celebrity Victim

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of “Blondie,” almost became Bundy’s victim. But she was able to escape him, unlike many of his victims who all resembled his former girlfriend.

Bundy: The Detective

Robert Keppel, a Criminology professor, was a profiler who had helped track down Bundy. According to Washington State Magazine, Bundy contacted Keppel, offering help to find another serial killer known as the Green River Killer, while Bundy was on death row in Florida. The real life relationship between Keppel and Bundy served as the inspiration for the book and movie “Silence of The Lambs”.

The Card

A Christmas card signed by Bundy is one of the weirdest items on sale on several murderabilia websites. One card from December 19, 1988 is signed “God Bless you, Peace Ted.” The card is for sale at $4,999.99. Another card is for sale on a website at $3,000. This card is dated December 20, 1988. It makes it even eerier as it is postmarked precisely one month and four days before Bundy’s execution in the electric chair.

The Book on The Killer

Ann Rule, a coworker of Bundy at one of Seattle’s Suicide Hotline, wrote a book on him named “The Stranger Beside Me,” says The New Yorker. In this memoir, she explains how Bundy jumped into the water after noticing the drowning of a child at Green Lake and saved him.