South Australian police authorities have set up a task force to investigate Adelaide’s National Crime Authority office’s bombing incident that caused the death of its detective in 1994.

Taskforce Cornus has been established and will be led by the Major Crime Investigation Branch. It will look into the March 2, 1994, NCA bombing that killed Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen. The detective died as soon as he opened a parcel bomb that was delivered to the NCA office in Waymouth Street in the CBD. The explosion occurred on the top floor of the CPS Credit Union building at around 9:15 a.m.

Peter Wallis, a lawyer, also got injured in the incident. It was found during a coronial inquest led by then State Coroner Wayne Chivell that Adelaide man Domenic Perre sent the bomb top the NCA office.  According to The Advertiser, Bowen was investigating Perre’s involvement in a drug matter. The suspect was arrested on charges of murder of Bowen and attempted murder of Wallis. The arrest was made on March 11, 1994 but due to the lack of evidence, the charges were dropped after six months.

According to, police will reward $1 million to anyone who can bring information regarding the suspect discharged in the NCA bombing matter. SA police have claimed on Tuesday that the task force has gone through even the minute details of the case. They have made a detailed study of all aspects of the crime as well as judicial processes that followed the incident.

The task force said there will be no discussion on the review and other details of the case and will be kept confidential. “Earlier this year, additional resources were provided to Taskforce Cornus, with the inquiry now a major active investigation that involves significant resources,” police said in a statement. “In addition to investigating who is responsible for this crime, a significant focus will also be on any witness who withheld or fabricated information in the past.”