Serena Williams revealed through social media her experience of tasting a spoonful of her pet dog’s food.

The tennis superstar hopes that this seemingly distasteful confession will not affect her popularity. With more than 21 major tennis championship titles to her name, Williams wishes her name will remain bright.

ABC News reported that Williams shared her experience of what it’s like to eat dog food through a series of videos on Snapchat. The tennis player has a Yorkshire terrier named Chip, which was served a meal of rice and salmon in her Rome hotel.

The dog food costing $23 looked yummy enough for the tennis champ to eat, which she regretted doing a few hours later.

Serena Williams was in Rome for the Italian Open when she ordered one of the fancy food options for her furry friend. The food came looking like fresh salmon and rice good enough for humans, as Williams’ photo on Snapchat showed. Fancy dog and cat food have become so trendy lately and they usually look good enough for the dog owner’s taste.

As Williams discovered, the meal is not made for humans, when she tasted her dog’s food and felt sick. Williams said when posting a photo on Snapchat not to “judge her” and to look at the bowl of food that looked like the real thing.

The Daily Meal said that Williams thought the food was good because “when I take the food to go, they give me the same food package. It comes with the expensive looking spoon. I’m like, ‘What the heck? I’m going to try a piece.”

The tennis player immediately regretted her decision when she later found out that the food tasted like “house cleaner”, which made her feel sick a few hours later. Williams said that her pet dog loved the food though.

This didn’t prevent Williams to perform well in the quarter-finals when she beat Christina McHale.