According to spoilers, Kala Dandekar’s  love-life has to go through a hard time in Sense8 season 2. With three men around how will things turn up for her?  Will she be able to sustain the test of time? What will be the fate of her love-life?  Let us learn below.

As revealed earlier Sense8 season 2 will delve more into Kala Dandekar (Tina Desai) life-story. A few days back, the actor herself teased that Kala will be different in the second season of this fiction drama. Let us now focus on her love-life.

What could be the possible outcome?

Kala will explore her feelings for Wolfgang?

In Sense8 season 1, we saw Kala’s inclination towards Wolfgang Bogdanow (Max Riemelt) and the two began a romantic relationship that they didn’t fully understand. She got the shock of her life when she discovered Wolfgang goes on his killing rampage. She tried to convince him to stop but nothing really worked. By the end of Sense8 season 1, Wolfgang revealed his reality in front of Kala that he is a “monster.” In fact, he asked her to marry Rajan- her fiancé. After such shocking revelation, there are chances that Kala might explore her true feelings for Wolfgang and part ways. Tough decision indeed!

Kala and Rajan come closer

While many fans were rooting for Kala and Wolfgang because of their intense attraction for each other in Sense8 season 1, a recent Instagram post dropped quite a bombshell, confirming that the plot of Sense8 season 2 will be different from its previous chapter. It shows Rajan Rasal (Purab Kohli) and Kala are happy as they lock themselves in loving gazes.

The two  are spotted  packing on the romance with Rajan carrying Kala in his arms. Rajan was always an easy choice for Kala. At the start of season 1, Kala was engaged to be married to Rajan but she never seemed confident about marrying him. On the other hand, Rajan always loved his wife-to-be. What would have led to such change-of-heart ? Is it his feelings that will make Kala realize her mistake? And what if Rajan comes to know Kala’s feelings for Wolfgang in the past?  Girl, Be aware, things might not be as easy as they appear!

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A new ‘Lover’ in the horizon!

Bollywood star Sikandar Kher has been added to the cast of Sense8 season 2. According to sources, the 34-year-old star is going to play the younger brother of Rajan. His character will be villainous. Sources disclosed that Kher’s character will be very much obsessed with Kala. He will even attempt to kill Wolfgang and his own older brother Rajan just to have her alone. We can say, if it happens, then Kala will really go out of the frying pan and into the fire. Losing two men of her life won’t be an easy situation for her.

Sense8 Season

Kala Dandekar: Sense8

The fate of Kala’s love-life is yet to be explored. All of these presumptions would come to light when Sense8 season 2 returns to the small screens. The gripping science-fiction episodes are still resonating in the upcoming episodes of the show.  As for the air date, there are reports that it would return in the early months of 2017.

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