The road for “Sense8” season 2 is not easy as the show had to experience many challenges. The departure of one mainstay and one Wachowski director are enough to handle for a two season old series.

However, the show has successfully managed to stand on its feet again to offer some more drama this time. Spicing up the thing, there are more sex and violence added to “Sense8.” In fact, who could miss mentioning the approaching clashes with antagonist Whisper? What’s in store for viewers?

# The story digs deeper about 8 Sensates

While the first season of “Sense8” just provided a brief introduction of the main 8 characters, season 2 will delve more into their connection.  They will discover they can tap each other’s abilities as well.  This will help them grow mentally to confront the rising threats. Season 1 only highlighted the emotional connectivity between these sensates.

# The plot will speak loudly about Whisper

The main villain of the show, Whisper, is also a sensate but he is different from these 8. How? He intends to abolish all the other one of his kind.  In “Sense8” season 2, Whisper (Terrence Mann) will continue to hunt them, while disclosing the bigger picture behind his motivation, says Hofmag.

Brian J. Smith, who plays sensate Will Gorski, a cop from Chicago, says that Whisper will face difficulty infiltrating his mind because he is going to be in a “highly medicated state.”

The Sense8 globetrotting

The sensates of the story are from different corners of the world. Thus,  Mumbai, Italy, and Mexico are the prime locations for the show. Reliable sources hint that the next location for shooting is Germany.

# Aml Ameen replacement can be an interesting element

The Capheus character will look a little different in season 2. We have learned that British actor Aml Ameen, who played the role in Season 1, has suddenly left the show. Toby Onwumere is now replacing Ameen. Onwumere says that his character will go through an internal growth. Thereby, “Sense8” season 2 might witness more of his influence on others.

# The second season will be “pushing the boundaries”

Since the second season will explore the growing psychic intimacies of the sensates to defeat Whisper, everything should be  on a larger scale. In an interview with BuzzFeed, actor Max Riemelt, who plays one of the sensates, German criminal Wolfgang, said that Sense8 season 2 will be pushing the boundaries.

He concluded, “There’s more sex, more violence, more of everything!”

For more updates on “Sense8” season 2, stay tuned.