“Sense8” Season 2 updates are making rounds these days as the premier date is approaching fast. Here comes the latest one dropping hints on the plot and cast of the upcoming episode.

The season 2 of this fiction drama will delve more on Kala Dandekar (Tina Desai) and explore her feelings for Wolfgang. Tina teased that Kala will be different in the second season. Whereas her Season 1 underlined the fate of her love-life, Season 2 will shed light on her skills as a pharmacist. The Indian actress further revealed that in “Sense8” second season her character becomes an important instrument in tracing Whisper.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Tina told: “Going forward, she’ll only be able to contribute more because, in this season, there’s more of Whisper hunting us while we’re simultaneously trying to hunt him.”

Furthermore, Christian Daily reveals that Kala’s feelings for Wolfgang will be discovered in “Sense8” Season 2. The fans can expect a love triangle between Kala, Wolfgang, Rajan.  We would like to remind our readers here that it was teased earlier that Rajan may be seen as a baddie in season 2.

However, the release date for“Sense8” season 2 has been pushed to fall 2016 with a promise of more sex and violence on the show. We hope it is enough to worth the wait. Writer Bryce Oliswrote on Reddit about the plan of a June 2016 premiere, but it would be more accurate to set the date later this year.

“I really hope Netflix can release ‘Sense8’ Season 2 in June, but simple math suggests we really shouldn’t ‘expect’ to see Season 2 until much later in the summer or fall of 2016,” he wrote.

Creator J. Michael Straczynski did not dishearten the fans as well. He explained on “Sense8’s” social significance and why each character should present their own story.

“At a time when politics and culture seem to be dividing us … a show talking about the fact that we are better together than we are apart, that we are strengthened and not diminished by a multitude of voices, might be a good message to pass along … Hopefully with time, as we become more and more one world, the empathy will extend beyond national borders.”  Reports Goldderby Goldderby.

“Sense8” season 2 is expected to return on Netflix Fall of 2016 or early 2017. Stay tuned for more updates here.