After garnering a heap of praises from fans and critics, Netflix has decided to renew its show “Sense8” with a second season.  Although earlier, the channel made an announcement about the release date of the series in June this year, the date has been pushed to fall 2016. However, the delay will be compensated with more sex and violence in the upcoming installment, assures a cast member.

Actor Max Riemelt playing the role of Wolfgang recently conveyed that fans can look forward to “more sex, more violence” in the second season. He continued to say that “Senses8” Season 2 is “pushing the boundaries”.  Moreover, the upcoming season is planning to underline the love triangle among Rajan (played by Purab Kohli), Kala (played by Tina Desai) and Wolfgang.  Another news that is feeding the rumor mill is that fans might see Rajan emerging as one of the baddies, and circumstances pushing Kala and Wolfgang closer, Movie News Guide reports.

The reason for the delay is still not clear but there are many rumors attached to it.

Here are the most convincing two:

  1. Before the audience could enjoy more from the show, Season 2 has to overcome a lot of setbacks. The maker of “Sense8”Lilly Wachowski has decided to take a break and not return for the second season. Now, her sister Lana Wachowski is managing everything singlehandedly in the upcoming season, reported Gossip and Gab. One of the stars in “Sense8“, Jamie Clayton, supposes that Lana will be able to carry the season out by herself.
  2. One more problem the season will have to cope with is the departure of Aml Ameen, who we have seen playing Capheus. Relevant sources claim that the reason for his exit are creative differences with Lilly and Lana. It is speculated that Ameen had already shot for some scenes. However, his departure won’t cart off the character from the show because actor Toby Onwumere is replacing him. There was no official statement given about his exit from the show, stated Christian Daily.

The storyline:

Sense8 revolves around eight individuals who connect to each other psychologically and share their feelings and skills (to each other). The quartet can only see each other through visions.  Sense8 Season 1 tried to portray each character in its own right. There was also a shady sensate in the scene called Mr Whispers played by Terrence Mann who tries his best to eliminate every other sensate alive.

Netflix is yet to officially declare a release date for Sense8.