Lately, we have notified our readers that Bollywood hunk Sikandar Kher has joined the cast of Sense8 Season 2. Now here is a new side to the story. Sources say that Kher is demanding a lot from Netflix. There are also talks that he could make the channel wrap up the production work for Sense8  prematurely. Will Sense8 be cancelled?

Sikander Kher has been added to the cast of Sense8 Season 2 to play the role of a villain. It has been reported that Kher’s character would be going all-out for Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) and Rajan (Purab Kohli). Why? Because these two are his strongest threats to win Kala’s (Tina Desai) heart.

There are rumors that the star is asking for more from Netflix, which has put the production work in a crisis. His unreasonable demands might lead to the cancellation of Sesnse8 Season 2 even it has been picked up for the new season last year.

The creators of the American science fiction drama have announced a holiday special airing this fall. However, they haven’t confirmed a release date for the second season. The network thus far has not yet commented on the issue.

In the series, the eight Sensates, who are mentally connected to each other, were all born on Aug. 8.  August 8 marks the anniversary of the day that Netflix gave the green light to the show to continue through to Season 2.  The cast members of Sense8 Season 2 recently celebrated the show’s fictional birthday, reports International Business Times. Team Seanse8 made a special video greeting to wish fans a happy birthday.

Sense8 Season 2 is one of the most awaited series right now.  Therefore, the cancellation news may be a blow to fans who are eagerly waiting for a confirmed release date.

Thus far, these are just speculations. Fans should take this news with a grain of salt and wait for an official announcement by the channel.

As per earlier reports, Sense8 Season 2 is slated for a January 2017 release.