Cancellation rumors are rife about Sense8 Season 2. However, the latest news debunks the rumors, confirming that the sci-fi series is coming for real, followed by a  special episode during Christmas this year.

After nearly a year, Sense8 Season 2 is still trying to find its way into existence, and it looks like it may finally be happening. There have been a lot of false starts along the way, but the cast and creators have recently confirmed that they are currently working on the project to get Sense8 Season 2 going for real. It appears the project may have some actual steam behind it now, and that could be enough for the fans to make whoopee.

This time, the show is inviting some new faces as well. Toby Onwumere has been added to the plot as Capheus replacing Aml Ameen. Ameen was reported to have left the show abruptly in the middle of Season 2 filming. Sikandar Kher, the Bollywood star, is coming on board possibly to play an anti-hero character.

The filming work for Sense8 Season 2 is underway. The team has recently shifted from Chicago to the exotic island of Malta in the Mediterranean, according to a source. Earlier, it was reported that in Chicago, at least 11 pages of the script allegedly leaked after a local picked it up from the street.

The photos of the alleged script for Sense8 Season 2 was posted on Reddit by a user dubbed as gukeums1. The leaked script dropped quite a bombshell, hinting that Doctor Who actor Sylvester McCoy is also joining the cast soon. In fact, a few days back, some relevant sources confirmed the news.

The new season is going to be mind-blowing, claims the cast. The show is going to dig deeper into many aspects of the characters. The plot will be full of twists and turns.

The major highlights:

  • #Kala and Wolfgangs’ lovelife will go for a toss
  • #Rajan will be taking center stage in Kala’s life
  • #Kala and Rajan’s new romance
  • #Sikander Kher is the potential new threat
  • #Whisper will be tracked

The bottomline is that the plot of Sense8 Season 2 will be more interesting than its previous chapter. While the channel has plans to air a special episode during Christmas this year, the rest of the episodes will return to the small screens by early 2017.