Sense8 season 2 cancellation news has been making rounds for quite some time. In fact, the channel, the show-runners, actors and the like have been keeping mum on this issue which has provided endless grist to the rumor mill. However, the latest Instagram posts by the Netflix fiction dropped a big bombshell, confirming that the production of Sense8 season 2 is progressing well.

Netflix original Sense8 pulled a lot of attention during its first season. On August 8, 2015, the network announced that it had renewed the show for a second season. However, soon things started to upset the fans when Netflix postponed the Sense8 season 2 release date. That’s when all hell breaks loose!  Adding fuel to the fire, a new confusion began to surface.  A few months back, Bollywood hunk Sikander Kher joined the cast of Sense8 season 2 as a new villain. There were rumors that the star was demanding a lot from Netflix, which has put the production work in a crisis. It again put the future of Sense8 season 2 at stake.

A series of photographs posted recently on Instagram clearly showed the filming of Sesnse8 season 2 is underway. One of the images features a clapboard with ‘Sense 8- S2’ (Season 2) written on it.

Eréndira on her way to learn how to give a "close certo." #Road2Sense8

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We would like to remind our readers that the crew is  globetrotting for the shooting of the show. Why?  It is because the series follows a story of the eight Sensates around the world, who are mentally connected to each other.  After Los Angeles, the crew is now in Brazil. Chicago, Positano are also being visited to finish the filming.

At least now the fans can breathe a sigh of relief since Sense8 season 2 is actually happening. The Instagram posts have smartly busted the cancellation rumors.

Another photograph (posted a couple of months ago) showed a romantic shot between Kala and Rajan. As touted earlier, Kala’s story will be a major highlight in Sense8 season 2.  While the world is expecting Kala to go head over heels for Wolfgang, the post shows her inclination towards fiance Rajan. Now that called a real twist in the story!

Thanks for all the love, Positano. Next stop on the #Road2Sense8…

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Sense8 season 2 is most likely returning this fall. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.