Rumored Sense8 Season 2 spoilers have some shocking revelations!

The second installment of Sense8 is due to be released next year. While no official word had been released by the network yet, it has been speculated that in the upcoming season, a major character may face his demise.

Lately, photos of a Sense8 Season 2 leaked script were posted on Reddit by a user. According to the post, the alleged script for the approaching season has many interesting elements to offer. Sense8 Season 2 is most likely to feature a tragic death of a regular mainstay. Right now, details about that character are sparse. In fact, the showrunners are yet to confirm such claims, according to J&H.

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The leaked script also pointed out at a new character named “The Assistant.”  It was already touted earlier that the American science fiction drama will welcome some new faces in the approaching season. However, this particular character was never mentioned before. Speculations are high that this will be a new ally to Whisper.

By now, the teaser trailers should have been posted online and clips of the new season should be blaring across Netflix for the sake of advertising. However, nothing like that is happening. It looks like even the network is trying to hush the whole thing.

Rumored Sense8 Season 2 spoilers also divulged that the upcoming installment will highlight eight Sensates’ connection. Fans will learn the reason why they are connected and why are they perceived to be a threat.

In the meantime, some new faces are also being added to the Sense8 Season 2 cast. Actors like Sikandar Kher and Sylvester McCoy have joined the show whereas Toby Onwumere will be replacing Aml Ameen’s Capheus.

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Sense8 Season 2 cancellation rumors seem to be all over the Internet right now but that doesn’t mean they are true. Don’t read anything regarding Sense8 Season 2 release date delay. The Netflix original will come out sooner or later, assures many media outlets. Of course the release date of the second season remains elusive but speculations relay that it might return to the small screens in 2017.

If rumored Sense8 Season 2 spoilers are to be believed, the approaching season might have all the answers to the questions that viewers have after seeing on the first season.  Stay tuned for more updates!