Facebook’s messaging app has considerable amount of users and not many of them know what its new features are and how it works. Ever since Messenger became an independent app, Facebook has been rolling out several features to expand its capabilities. To name a few, Messenger users can now make free video calls, send money to people and share locations with your friends.

Moreover, these new features have lured companies to set up customer support through Messenger, notes Tech Insider.

So we have gathered some of the features in Facebook Messenger that you might not know about.

Use multiple logins in just one app

Android users have exclusive features that allow multiple people to login into Messenger at once. Users can simply go to Messenger’s settings and click on “Accounts.” This option allows you to add multiple accounts in one app. Each account stays private until the owners signs in with respective userID and password.

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Messenger.com for web browsing

Users can go to Messenger.com and can be used on the web without having to login into Facebook. It also offers much cleaner look than the Facebook website. There are no ads.

Hide messages from people

Messenger hides messages from people who are not friends with you.  Messages from unknown people can found in the hidden “Requests” inbox.

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Make group audio calls

Users can use Messenger to make group audio calls.

Send audio messages

It also allows you to send audio messages or audio recordings.

Customize your chatbox

Messenger lets you change the look of the conversation by changing the group names and participants’ nicknames and chat colour.

Emojis for a conversation

A dedicated emojis can be set for a conversation, which can be sent on one tap.

Mute chat conversations

Mute conversation when you feel your friends are being too chatty.

Send money to your needy friend

Messenger allows you to send money to your friends with any charge. Users can tap on the $ sign on the bottom of the conversation and enter your amount to send or receive. Add your Visa or MasterCard debit card.

Multiple apps at one place

Messenger is integrated with several other apps such as Dropbox and Bitmoji.