Senator Ted Cruz had a double win in Kansas and Maine caucuses on “Super Saturday.” He is speeding up to become the chief alternative to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Many Republicans, including Mitt Romney, have clarity on who shouldn’t be the Republican nominee. Romney wasn’t eloquent enough to specify who should be. He said that Cruz, Rubio and Kasich must be united to collapse Trump’s rise.

Trump won one state, while taking a step forward to the Republican nomination in November 8, says The Sydney Morning Herald.

Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich, who we were locked up out in four Republican contests, went behind Cruz in the fight to become the leader of Republican’s anti-Trump forces.

Maine was unpredictable as Maine Governor Paul LePage endorsed Trump.

It is now clear that Romney’s anti-Trump speech was good enough to alter decisions of moderate Republican supporters. They still look up to Romney.

Cruz’s win made him confident enough to ask his rivals to leave the race, says The Guardian. “The other candidates are increasing the likelihood that Donald Trump is the nominee,” he said.

On March 15 there would be more races. States of Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii will be the areas. Kasich is the governor of Ohio where he is favoured. Similarly Florida favours Rubio who is a senator from there.

If they drop out before these two, then they must unleash their current accumulation of delegates and make a clear path for Cruz. Trump commented on Rubio’s failure and asked him to drop out.

“Marco Rubio has a very, very bad night and personally I’d call for him to drop out of the race,” he said.

“I think it’s probably time.”

The sarcasm is that the Republican institution loathes Cruz. Cruz dubbed Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a liar on the floor of the Senate. Dole, HW Bush and W Bush have publicly expressed their weak views on Cruz.

On the Democratic side, Candidate Hillary Clinton won in the delegate rich Louisiana. Her rival Bernie Sanders won in Kansas and Nebraska. Sanders is a US senator from Vermont.