Selfie fever is taking a toll on many young lives in India. The latest is the tragic death of a teenage boy in India’s Punjab state who died after being shot in the head while taking a pistol selfie on Friday.

The 15-year-old Ramandeep Singh was posing with his father’s .32 calibre pistol, which accidentally went off as the trigger was touched. Though rushed to a hospital, he succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, according to Manoj Kumar, Deputy Superintendent of Police in Pathankot, CNN reported.

“We think that part of the blame obviously goes to the father for not keeping his loaded gun under lock and key at their home,” police officials said.

India has seen witnessing a spate of “selfie” deaths. Driven by the pull off smartphones and social media, India’s youth seemed to have been gripped by a craze for selfies in unusual spots and angles.

According to a report in The Guardian, 19 of the world’s 49 selfie- deaths since 2014 had happened in India. It says India is the world leader in selfie-related accidents.

According to a report in the Time Magazine, many parts of Mumbai  city have been declared “no-selfie zones” to prevent such incidents.

The city has 16 no-selfie zones after “selfie fever” led to many deaths in the city.  Among the Mumbai’s no-zones are risky coastal spots, not supported by railings or barriers.

According to Mumbai’s local politician Abhishek Ghosalkar, the ban must follow the footsteps of western countries. “They have realised the potential danger of the habit, and even psychologists have termed it as a kind of disorder,” he said.

Among the tragic selfies include the drowning of an 18-year-old student on a picnic, who lost his balance while taking a selfie atop a rock and fell into a dam at Nashik near Mumbai. An 18-year-old woman too lost her life when she fell into the sea at Mumbai’s Bandstand Fort while her friends watched.